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15 08, 2016

Cast Iron Radiators

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Here are a few cast iron radiators we’re installing next week. First they are washed then receive an undercoat (grey colour) – finally they get two coats of paint – customer chose Taubmans Creamette in this instance.


IMG_6637 IMG_6635 IMG_6636

24 05, 2016

Sime Brava Slim Hydronic Boiler

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Sime Brava Slim

Sime Brava Slim and Brava One are part of a new generation wall hung boilers, particularly compact and
functional. They represent the ideal answer to the requirements of modern domestic environments
where space must be used in the best possible way.

Despite compact dimensions, they have technical solutions and features belonging to superior classes of product; we are, therefore, proud to assert that they are small in size, but big on performance. The elegant design and ease of use help improve the user experience who will appreciate the quality and reliability in time, that Sime incorporates into all of its products.

The Sime Brava Slim uses the brass hydraulic unit on all boilers in the range. Brass stands for quality, reliability, and durability and guarantees a peaceful sleep. The new hydraulic unit introducesa new sequence of the connection manifolds according to DIN Standard. This is used by the majority of the European manufacturers and gives maximum installation flexibility of Brava Slim.



2 04, 2016

Why use Hydronic Heating Systems

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w800-h600-2010306125_8_pi_150426_081059There are several advantages to hydronic heating usage. Right from increasing domestic convenience by providing all the necessary hot water to handling a fresh whirlpool bath, hydronic heating systems can manage them all.

Among the several benefits, efficiency and comfort are at the top. A hydronic heating system-equipped house could be zoned for an increasingly comfortable living area. Zoning lets you isolate different living spaces in a home and provide heat to only the areas needing it. The heating system could be divided into multiple zones depending on the comfort level desired.

Zoning could be utilized with either radiant or baseboard applications. It’s a relatively easy process. Individual heating loops made of copper or plastic tubing could be created as return and supply lines. These are linked to their specific zone valves or circulators, which are controlled by separate thermostats in every zoned space. Kids could have a warm environment inside their playrooms, and the bedrooms can stay cooler when not occupied. All this while, the dining room and kitchen are placed at ideal comfort levels. Alongside the comfort benefits, zoning helps save a lot of energy.

A room with a hydronic heating setup could boast of top-notch indoor air quality. This is because the system utilizes natural heated air convection movements for heat distribution – the air is not being blown to other areas of the home. This helps create a friendlier space for people who get easily ruffled by air particles. Dust and particles could move out the convected air stream due to its slow-paced movement.

Within hydronic heating system controls, there have been several advances. An outdoor reset control is among the easiest for application and usage. The size of the heating systems are designed to keep a house warm even during the worst climatic conditions. With an outdoor reset control, you may adjust the water’s supply temperature in relation to external air temperature. This lets the system function at optimal efficiency, delivering adequate quantity of heat to the house at a particular time.

As the temperature of external air goes down, the system supply temperature decreases in proportion to the predetermined levels. This lets the heating units provide heat for a longer time, but at lower outputs. As a result, a gentle heat flow gets delivered that corresponds to the heat loss, thereby reducing or eliminating temperature swings. The longer cycles also mean the cold external walls get heat-bathed for a longer time period, decreasing the bodies’ effect on heat radiation to the cold surfaces.

Besides offering hot water, heat and indoor comfort, a hydronic setup could be used for providing external convenience and comfort also. With the help of heat exchangers, for example, the boiler could effectively heat a spa or pool.

2 04, 2016

Hydronic Heating In Melbourne: 3 Tips To Keeping Your Home Energy Efficient

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Snow, chill and blusters… oh my. Winter can really zap your energy bills. These 3 helpful hints can help you run an energy efficient home that keeps your bills down and your wallet full.

Fix Drafty Windows

A good percentage of your home’s heat can escape out small cracks in window sealant. Replacing old windows or weather sealing them can add up to big savings on your bill.

Install Hydronic Heating

In the winter, your HVAC takes up the vast percentage of your energy bill when compared to other utilities. This can mean less money for other necessities, splurges and other important things that make working for a living feel worth it. Hydronic heating in Melbourne can lower your bills and increase your air quality.

Unplug Appliances When Not in Use

Even when not powered on, items like the microwave, TV and other small appliances should be unplugged. These energy zappers still pull power when plugged up and a simple pull of the plug can make all the difference.

1 04, 2016

Boiler Replacement Melbourne

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Get a Quote Within 24 hours!

Hydronic Boiler Replacement

Hydronic Heating Boiler Replacement

If your current hydronic heating boiler is not performing as you would like, perhaps it is time to change it over to a new, Italian designed and manufactured, Baxi boiler. You will find a new boiler will be smaller in size, quieter and far more efficient than your existing one in almost every case. We can provide you with a written quotation for a boiler changeover simply by sending us a few photos, submit the form above and we’ll get right onto it for you!

BAXI are based in Italy and are one of the largest specialized manufacturers of hydronic heating and hot water boilers in Europe. BAXI are committed to environmentally sustainable water based heating solutions, with expertise dedicated solely to boiler manufacture and development. This is what sets the excellence of BAXI boilers apart.

Hydronic Heating Systems prides itself on providing fantastic customer service. We have partnered with ‘Word of Mouth Online’ as an avenue for our clients to share their experience with us to the rest of Melbourne. We have won their Service Award for four years running! – 2012 through to 2015.

17 02, 2016

Hydronic radiator panels – Mt Eliza

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Some photos from the job we completed today in Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula. A mixture of Henrad radiators, towel warmers and a few of the panels being painted to the clients requested colour. All being heated with a trusty Baxi boiler, controlled inside with a honeywell CM907 wall thermostat.

6 05, 2015

new hydronic heating articles

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Hydronic heating system for home is an energy efficient heating system. A hot liquid is run through the tubing below the floor. It may be run along the base board heater or through the radiator. This heating system has become popular among homeowners who want to save money on home heating costs. Melbourne hydronic heating has lower environmental impact and offers superior comfort level. Also known as radiant heating system, a hydronic heating unit has a piping system that circulates throughout the home floorings. The tubes are installed inside the concrete slab so the heat radiates evenly all across the floor.







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